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    DIY candle holders

    Finished your mayonaisse, dried tomateos, jalapeno peppers? Don’t get rid of empty jars – make yourself DIY candle holders! It’s easy, nice and will brighten cold autumn evenings upcoming!…

  • DIY flowers crown 7 - lilmissboho.com
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    New DIY flowers crown

    Never too much DIY flowers crown! After making one last year I decided to get myself bigger, better, more colorful. I used wider elastic to fit more false flowers with leaves but the tutorial steps…

  • Styling DIY - boho cape 2 - lilmissboho.com
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    Styling DIY – boho cape

    A while after last sewing work, here comes: “Styling DIY – boho cape” photo session! Photos shoot on a hanger cannot reflect clothes’ charm so I decided to be a model during the last…

  • DIY boho cape by lilmissboho.com
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    DIY boho cape

    Recycling time! DIY boho cape originally comes from light, ecru, sequin decorated H&M scarf. It took me less than an hour to swap it into a loose summer vest. Hope you’ll enjoy the idea!…

  • Boho chic summer16 inspiration - lilmissboho.com
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    Boho chic summer’16 inspiration

    Hello guys! Here comes the summer and summer stands for flowing dresses, hats, ethno jewelry and flowers in your hair. Looking for some casual boho inspirational outfits I found some great photos I’d like…

  • DIY semicircle skirt 1 - lilmissboho.com
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    DIY semicircle skirt

    Main advantage of sewing DIY semicircle skirt is that it takes half the material you need for a circle skirt, so you can make two from the same amount of fabrics :) I…