DIY felt and buttons set by lil'Miss Boho
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

DIY felt and buttons clutch bag is quite easy to make and only needs some patience while sewing the buttons. I hope the tutorial will be precise enough as I don’t have “making of” photos.

DIY felt and buttons clutch bag – what you need:

– rectangular piece of felt

– several types of buttons

– pliers to cut the chain

– 2 small round latches

– needle and thread


 DIY clutch bag – how to make it:

Step 1. Fold your felt the way you would like your bag to look like. I wanted the cover of my bag to be quite short therefore I folded it in about 2/5 of the total height of the bag. As it’s folded, start sewing it’s sides. You don’t have to be master of sewing – as long as thread is the same color as felt  nobody will notice;)

Step 2. As the sides are sewn, place the buttons on it. Because you’ll need to put them off during the sewing, making a photo of buttons’ arrangement may occur helpful.

Step 3. When the sewing work is done, it’s time to make a closure for my DIY clutch. I used two latches, which I sewed on both sides of the bag. If you decide to make DIY bag with triangular closure layer as I did with my felt and cabochon clutch bag, one latch is enough.

Step 4. At the end you can add some chains by stitching them to the felt.

For a visual instruction, check my DIY white felt and buttons clutch.

DIY felt and buttons clutch bag – final effect:

This DIY clutch bag matches my DIY felt and buttons necklace.

Photo: lil’Miss Boho
DIY felt and buttons set by lil'Miss Boho
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

To see my clutch bag styling idea click the image:
Photo: W.


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