Before I decided to make a jewelry version of DIY dreamcatcher I searched many shops with no effect. As they say – necessity is the mother of invention – and here it is: my handmade dreamcatcher.

DIY dreamcatcher – what you need:

– piece of flexible wire

– stranded cotton

– feathers (I used an earring)

– few circles to attach the feathers

– pliers (to cut and form the wire and circles)

– some golden balls for the decoration

– strap to hang the necklace

– scissors, needle and thread

I also used a tiny piece of double-sided tape to stick together the ends of wire, before wrapping it with stranded cotton.

DIY dreamcatcher - what you need
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Handmade dreamcatcher – how to make it:


Form the wire and wrap it with the stranded cotton. When you’re done with whole wire, tie a knot.

DIY dreamcatcher - step 1
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Step 2.

Thread the needle and lead it as shown below, making the knots from time to time.

DIY dreamcatcher - step 2
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Step 3.

When the first circle is ready keep going with another one, tying the knots in the middle of thread’s sections.

DIY dreamcatcher - step 3a
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

… and another (you can add some balls) …

DIY dreamcatcher - step 3b
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

… and another, untill it’s done.

DIY dreamcatcher - step 3c
Photo: lil’Miss Boho


Step 4.

Now attach the feathers with the small circles, than hang the necklace on the strap. After that part your DIY dreamcatcher is ready.


Handmade dreamcatcher – final effect:

DIY dreamcatcher
Photo: lil’Miss Boho
DIY dreamcatcher
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Indians once believed that dreamcatcher protect people from bad dreams and evil spirits. How about making your own jewelry or home version?




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