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As you have probably seen in my Jewelry box inspiration post, I’ve been planning to use a wooden box for my jewelry organiser for some time now. It was supposed to help me with my earrings’ and bracelets’ storage. Check how this came out!

DIY jewelry box – what you need:

– wooden box

– nails (mine are golden, kind of decorative)

– transparent string (you can buy it in builder’s supply shop)

– scissors or pliers to cut the string

– hammer

– two empty bottles for a bracelets’ stand

On the picture you can also see silver screws, that occured to be impossible to screw – I don’t recommend them.

DIY jewelry box - what you need
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

You can start with painting your box (white would look nice…), I prefered mine to look more old style and rustical.

DIY jewelry box – how to make it:


Step 1.

Drive the nails with a hammer. I wanted to have three string lines which is why I hammered three nails on the left and three on the right side of the box. It needs a little bit of strengh, I guess anyone can manage though.

DIY jewelry box - making of
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Step 2.

Tie the string to the nail. Repeat it with all the nails.

DIY jewelry box - making of
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Step 3.

Use the pliers to cut the outliers. The effect should look like on the picture below:

DIY jewelry box - making of
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

It’s almost done. I have decided to drive a couple of nails more on the top part of the box so I could hang my chains on. All you have to do now is hanging your earrings on the strings and your bracelets on the bottles.

DIY jewelry box – final effect:

How do you like it?

DIY jewelry box
Photo: lil’Miss Boho



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