DIY epaulettes 2 -
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Decorative, removable epaulettes are kind of accesories I’ve been looking for to buy for quite a long time with no effect. I found some on aliexpress but none of them met my expectations. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and here they are: my DIY epaulettes.

To make similar DIY epaulettes you need:

  • paper template
  • rigid felt
  • 4 safety pins
  • all-purpose glue
  • scissors, needle, thread
  • vintage buttons, beads, chains – any decoration you want
What you need to make DIY epaulettes -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Making DIY epaulettes:

Prepare paper template of proper shape. Here are my dimensions, you can make it smaller, bigger, more or less round. Redraw the template on the felt and cut it out.

Making DIY epaulettes, step 1 -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho
Making DIY epaulettes, step 2 -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Fold the felt’s edges along the cutting. You can either glue or sew it. I did both just to make sure my epaulette is not gonna fall apart when I’m done with decorations :)

Making DIY epaulettes, step 3 -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Sew two safety pins on one epaulettes.

Making DIY epaulettes, step 4 -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Decorate it with buttons and the beads.

Making DIY epaulettes, step 5 -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Now add chains and voila! You handmade epaulettes are ready!

Making DIY epaulettes, step 6 -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho

Styling handmade epaulettes:

What’s the best about my handmade epaulettes is that you can simply pin and remove it to embellish any type of clothing you’d like to. On the photos you can see it on casual cotton shirt but – thanks to long safety pins – it will be suitable for thick fabrics like a winter coat too.

DIY epaulettes -
Photo: lil’Miss Boho
DIY epaulettes 1 -
Photo: W.
DIY epaulettes 2 -
Photo: W.
DIY epaulettes 3 -
Photo: W.
DIY epaulettes 4 -
Photo: W.

Would you like to see more photos of styling DIY epaulettes? Click the photo!

Styling DIY epaulettes -
Photo: W.,




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