Hello guys! Today I have for you some DIY styling preceded by short and simple tutorial. Styling session took place during our October journey in pursuit of the miracles of Andalusia. Starring: DIY backless shirt, featuring: Puente Nuevo in marvellous Ronda.

Making DIY backless shirt

To make a shirt with triangular back opening you need:

  • simple t-shirt
  • scissors, ruler, washable pen
  • the chain, 2 circles, 2 carabiners, forming pliers
  • sewing machine or your hand armed with a thread or a needle
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

First, turn the shirt left and mark the shape of your back opening with a pen.

Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

Cut the triangle off and fold the edges outside.

Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

Sew it along, than connect the upper parts remembering to leave a space enough for your head.

Done? Let’s move to the chains part. I don’t think washing the shirt with metal chain is a good idea so I decided for removable option. I manually sewed in a thread loops on both sides of the cut,

Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

and connected the chains with jewelry carabiner by circles.

Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

You can now fasten made so chain to your backless shirt and remove it whenever you like.

Styling DIY backless shirt

I think that backless shirt is kind of eye-catching itself, which is why I combined it with simple jeans, nude boots, and one of my favourite hats so shirt could play the first fiddle. Backless shirt can be worn without or with a bra; black lace bra would be much more effective rather than a regular sport type, though.

A bit of “behind the scenes” ;)

Photo: W., lilmissboho.com

And some favourite photos took by my skilled fiance. Honestly I think I could wear a trash bag and no one would notice because of the wonderful view in the background ;)

Photo: W., lilmissboho.com
Photo: W., lilmissboho.com
Photo: W., lilmissboho.com
Photo: W., lilmissboho.com

Let me know in the comment how you liked the idea! Kisses,