DIY christmas wreath 3 -
Photo: Marta,

So the Christmas time is almost here! I have never made christmas decoration so far and this year was a high time to change it. DIY Christmas wreath is easy and fun to make and makes me smile whenever I come back home and see it on the front door. It was also a first piece of DIY home decor I made for new appartment in Berlin – happy to announce I am moving on New Year’s eve!

Making DIY Christmas wreath

To make your DIY Christmas wreath you will need:

  • a wreath base – I used ready made base from Tesco. You can also use single branches connected with a wire or follow Alina’s from Design Your Life idea and use styrofoam as a base.
  • pine cones – I found mine in a nearby forest
  • a thread, same color as the wreath
  • christmas balls of different sizes
  • all-purpose glue
  • a snow spray
  • a ribbon
  • a rope
Making DIY christmas wreath - what you need-
Photo: Marta,

Let’s get to work!

First thing I did was covering the wreath base and the cones with a snow spray. I let it dry for about 20 minutes before moving to the next step. Unfortunately snow spray is not as resistant as I thought and lot’s of it fell down while working on my wreath.

Making DIY christmas wreath 1 -
Photo: Marta,
Making DIY christmas wreath 2 -
Photo: Marta,

Next, I wrapped the wreath with a red ribbon and stuck the ends together with a glue.

Making DIY christmas wreath 3 -
Photo: Marta,

Done? Do the same with a rope and tie it’s ends together.

Making DIY christmas wreath 4 -
Photo: Marta,

Now use the thread to hang christmas balls on the base …

Making DIY christmas wreath 6 -
Photo: Marta,

… and do the same with pine cones.

Making DIY christmas wreath 5 -
Photo: Marta,

Time to make a perfect bow! Prepare 4 ribbon pieces of different lenghts.

Making DIY christmas wreath 7 -
Photo: Marta,

Fold the longest one as shown on the photo and stick it with all-purpose glue.

Making DIY christmas wreath 8 -
Photo: Marta,

Repeat with shorter ribbon and stick together with the first one.

Making DIY christmas wreath 9 -
Photo: Marta,

Fold third piece of ribbon like that:

Making DIY christmas wreath 10 -
Photo: Marta,
Making DIY christmas wreath 11 -
Photo: Marta,

And use fourth to fasten it all together:

Making DIY christmas wreath 12 -
Photo: Marta,

Stick the bow to the ribbon entangling a wreath base and voila! Your DIY Christmas wreath is ready :)

Making DIY christmas wreath 13 -
Photo: Marta,

DIY Christmas wreath

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If so – please let me know in the comment and share your own DIY Christmas ideas!

DIY christmas wreath 1 -
Photo: Marta,
DIY christmas wreath 2 -
Photo: Marta,
DIY christmas wreath 3 -
Photo: Marta,




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