Hard to believe but it’s been 2 years since I started a blog! Two years ago, a few days before Christmas the first blog post was published on lilmissboho.com. Since that time I’ve posted over 70 DIY tutorials, 14 sets of inspiration, 8 travel reviews, my page was visited by thousands of users and almost thousand people became my Facebook fans. Even though my blog statistics are not that impressing I am really happy that i followed shy idea of building my own small place on the web, that formed in my head in the autumn 2014. Want to know why I blog? Read the short story of lil’Miss Boho.

Bit of history: why I started blogging

I felt passionate for fashion since i can remember – not in a sense of knowing all top fashion designers or being up-to-date with current season fashion collections. But I was always curious about how particular forms, shapes, colors and patterns match each other, what to wear to highlight figure’s advantages and how easily accessories can change casual dress into unique art.

More than 2 years ago, inspired by Alina from Design Your Life, I made my first piece of handicraft and felt how rewarding it feels to make with your own hands something you can actually wear. I wanted to create more and more, started to look for inspiration and was suprised how easy making some clothes, accessories and jewelry may be if you simply follow the instructions.

I decided to create my own place on web to share collect all handicraft in one place, but also express my style, share passion and hopefully inspire others. Since December 2014 the lil’Miss Boho blog evolved a lot and now it’s more lifestyle than just DIY blog but it’s main topic still hovers around creating.

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Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

Developing a blog: what keeps me motivated

During the last two years I’ve heard some questions like: “Why do you do it? You don’t make money on it, do you”,  You seem to have lots of free time”  Well, no. I don’t have too much free time, I have 24 hours a day just as everyone elce. I decided to spend my free time this way, instead of doing other things. Want to know why? Here are my top reasons:

  • Blog is my personal diary – it’s a relief to share something you’ve been working on past few days. It helps to have all my stuff worth keeping in one, well organized place. I can get back to it and follow my own tutorials when sewing next skirt (I really do it when memory fails;) or get back to sunny places I’ve been to when it’s cold outside. On my blog I can test, experience, change and post whatever I want. It’s a place I have total impact on – something to aprecciate when you’ve been working in a corporation for last years ;)
  • I feel flow when I blog – have you heard about it? According to hungarian positive psychologist, ‎Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow (also known as the zone) is the mental state when person performing an activity is fully focused, involved in the process, feeling total joy, excitement and complete absorption in what she does. I know I’m in the flow zone when I realize I haven’t been eating for a long time or it’s 3am, and I keep sewing or writing cheerfully. I love this state!
  • It keeps me motivated to create and to learn constantly  – during the past few years I learned how to use WordPress, improved my writing skills, read a lot about: photo edition, statistics analysis, social media marketing, user experience and web design. Blogging made me plan better, be more organized and creative, helped me practice English. Also, I have my head full of ideas but give up easily when my actions do not give desired effects. My blog keeps me motivated to try again until I make it – having posting something new & interesting in mind helps when desire for creating is not enough.
  • I can help others and interact with users – knowing how to make some DIY piece of clothing or what to see during your next trip may not be the most important thing in the world, but still there are lots of people looking for the tips and I am really glad when I can help.
  • Well, I’m vain :) As a Leo zodiac sign I’m a bit of attention whore that like to stand out of the crowd. It makes me bit embarrased but proud at the same time being asked if I am an author of this blog. And there’s nothing better for me than saying “Thanks, I made it!” when someone asks when you got this cool necklace from.
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Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

Blogging: a few tips for begginers

Let’s make it clear: I am no specialist when it comes to blogging. My blog is not super succesful when it comes to building audience and there’s still lots of things to learn, but I believe 2 years experience still gives me some basis to advise those thinking abouting starting the blog.

Do not force yourself to post when you totally lack creativity. I’ve read hundreds of smart tips about how important the regularity of posting is. Surely it doesn’t make sense to make a blog if you want to post once a year but for me, quality should always be more important that quantity. During my blogging adventure I’ve had periods with ideas flooding my mind and worse moments when I didn’t feel like doing anything and totally couldn’t force myself to post. Did something wrong happen? No, I got back to it with new energy right after I felt better.

Do not start a blog because of the future income. You probably heard lots of stories of bloggers earning lots of money for every blog post. Most of those I know and admire – besides of their unquestionable creativity and loads of hard work – laso started their blogs long time ago when it wasn’t that popular. The time has changed, web is full more and less interesting websites covering literally every subject you can imagine and it’s not easy to stand out of the crowd. Maybe your ingenuity and hard work will make you join the top bloggers but maybe it will not. Accept it, write what you’re passionate about and simply enjoy your act of creativity.

Be aware that blogging takes time. Looking back I would say that regular blogging is a part-time job. To briefly picture this – posting a DIY blog post may take a while, but what comes first in most cases is:

  • browsing the web in search of inspiration
  • looking for the best method of making, reading tutorials, watching the videos, making prototypes
  • searching for perfect fabrics, accessories, browsing LOTS  of online shops offers
  • sewing + making photos
  • choosing and editing photos
  • writing a blog post according to SEO rules

Add technical maintanance, installing new plugins, themes, customizing it, testing, promoting your blog post in social media, analysing blog post statistics … and you’ve got about 7-8 hours necessary for every post to show up. I do every part of it myself, except for some travel and DIY styling photos made by my fiance (kisses for You :*) and you know what? It’s totally worth it :)

Write about what you feel passion for. Create a content you would like to read. Do not blog about cosmetics cause you heard there’s a demand for it or about fashion because you admire how famous one of fashion bloggers became, if you don’t truly feel it. People will notice you’re not authentic in what you do.  If you’re in love with rare breed of Indonesian hens – go for it! Your audience will be less numerous but probably much more engaged as will be made by people with similar interests as yours.

Get inspired! There’s nothing wrong in looking for inspiration on other blogs. Read a lot, browse a lot, comment and ask if you have questions. Repeat, remake, modify, propose your own solutions, share the effects with your blogging guru and ask for the feedback. I found lots of great DIY ideas on a Pair and a Spare, Delia Creates, Design Your Life blogs and love to follow Little Boho blog for bohemian outfit inspiration. It’s totally ok unless you copy someone’s idea, claiming it was yours.

2-nd birthday of lil'Miss Boho 7 - lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

 lil’Miss Boho blog: plans for the future

As maybe you have noticed, today is a premiere of a new theme on llilmissboho.com. I loved it for it’s modern layout, dynamism, lots of personalisation’ and content presentation’ options. I am super happy to present it to you, hoping you will like it just as I do.

What’s next? I have a head full of ideas: new DIY tutorials, new categories, more video posts and much more. According to Facebook and Instagram cutting the number of followers that see my posts, I decided to create lil’Miss Boho newsletter so you never miss a post again. You can already opt in by Subscribe form at the end of this post. What’s next? Stay tuned and follow lil’Miss Boho :)

Thank you all for being here with me – you make the effort worth it. Wish me happy birthday! :))

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Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

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