Here comes the spring with it’s fresh breeze, new fashion trends and (or is it only me?) need for changes. First sunny days make me not only want to get rid of woolen coats, warm hats and heavy shoes to fill the wardrobe with light clothes, but also to revise my daily habits and activities, implement some  changes and evolve in every meaning. In this blog post I present fashion & lifestyle inspiration  for Spring & Summer 2017 – I hope you will like it and share yours too!

Spring & Summer 2017 – Fashion Inspiration

In a seasonal trends I look for inspiration to pimp up my style a bit. I am open for new fashion trends, but do not follow them blindly if they do not match my way of being. Fortunately in Spring & Summer 2017 collections I found some trends appealing.

Stripped, oversize shirt

Seaside stripes, banker stripes, pinstripes. Oversize mens’ shirts and shirt-type dresses with sports shoes like Converse plus over-the-shoulder trend that seems too be on top for a couple of seasons now- this is something a definitely want to wear this season. Pssst. Click the photo to see more shirt inspiration!

Stripped shirt - Spring & Summer 2017 Inspiration from Pinterest
Photos: Pinterest, Collage: Marta,

Sorbet pink shades

Neon, fuchsia, candy, watermelon. Pale and pastel shades or strong pink matched with energetic orange – here comes the summer! Click the photo to see more >>

Sorbet pink - Spring & Summer 2017 Inspiration from Pinterest
Photos: Pinterest, Collage: Marta,

Khaki trench coats

I must say I’ve been quite resistant to trench coats but as they say, love for classics comes with age ;) I just ordered my first stone-beige spring trench coat from and cannot wait to put it on.

Khaki trench coat - Spring & Summer 2017 Inspiration from Pinterest
Photos: Pinterest, Collage: Marta,

Summer jumpsuits

I used to think you need to have a top model body to look good in a jumpsuit but with it’s growing popularity I realised it’s not necessarily true. Here I found some jumpsuits looking good both on slim and more curvy shapes:

Summer jumpsuit - Spring & Summer 2017 Inspiration from Pinterest
Photos: Pinterest, Collage: Marta,

Spring & Summer 2017 – healthy mind and body

After almost 4, a bit chaotic, moths caused by moving to Berlin and starting new job when I focused on taking care of all formalities and deep diving into new responsibilities, I realised a kind of lost good connection between my mind and body – however philosophical it may sound. I came home tired, couldn’t motivate myself to do any workout, started to eat more shitty food, got sick 3 times which didn’t happen before and put on weight a bit. But since the days are longer and even Berlin becomes more and more sunny everyday – it it’s time to take care of my both mental and physical health! I hope it will result in being more happy, relaxed and – hopefully! –  few kg lighter.

My main goals during the two months left until the summer begins (and after!) are:

  • Eating clean – as fresh and green as possible; the less processed the better. 4-5 small meals a day and around 2l of water daily. I’m going to start a day with a glass of warm water with lemon, honey and apple vinegar, as it’s said to support digestion. Diary, meat, alcohol (red wine), sweets (homemade only) – occassionally.  Small weekend cheating with a bit more junky is allowed, but still – within reason.
  • Regular excercising – by regular I mean (crazy for me!) 4 times a week’ gym. To be totally honest I hate gym with it’s smell, sound of training machines and meaty guys posing for their Instagram photos (lots of them there!), unfortunately I noticed that for me neither jogging nor Zumba classes work as good as some heavy load training. Let’s give it a try then – strong is the new skinny!
  • Trying yoga – yoga seems to be good for your body and mind as it supports conscious thinking, mindfullness and relaxation. Looking for some tips for beginners I found great Youtube channel by Małgosia Mostowska – I am going to stay bit longer and see how yoga works for me.
Spring & Summer 2017 Inspiration - fashion and fitness
Photos: Pinterest, Unsplash, Collage: Marta,

Ok, I posted it, shared my plans, no excuses, I have to work even harder :) To dot my i’s I created a new Wellness category under Life, where I hope to post healthy recipes, wellness insprations&ideas and keep you up-to-date with my healthy habits progress!

Wanna join me in my walk for a better condition? Let me know in a comment!