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Winter energy dicrease? Treat yourself to homemade power balls. It’s delicious, full of goodness and all the sugar comes from it’s natural ingredients!

New Year fosters ambitious resolutions and eating less sweets always lands on my list. Easy to say, harder to do, especially if you’re sugar addict like I am. But limiting sugar doesn’t mean you can only have a square of chocolate once in a month. With smart recipes you can enjoy sweet taste more often not giving up on staying fit. Try healthy sweets with my homemade power balls recipe! I prepared power balls in vegan version but you can easily replace coconut milk with regular one or add some honey for more sweetness.

Homemade power balls – ingredients

– walnuts, almonds, raisins, cranberries, sunflower seeds, figs – simply all nuts, seeds and dried fruits you like and have around in your kitchen

– 2 table spoons of oat flakes for more meaty composition

– coconut milk to ease mixing the ingredients

– a few pinches of cocoa

– high-power blender

– coconut shrims for the balls coating

Making homemade power balls 1 - lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

Homemade power balls – instructions

Cut all the dry ingredients into small pieces and place it in a bowl.

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Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

Add coconut milk and mix the ingredients. I use hand blender by Bosh, with a power of 750 Watt. It handles hard nuts quite well.

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Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com
Making homemade power balls 4 - lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

When your ingredients change into a smooth mass form a round balls out of it. Then cover the balls in coconut, simply rolling it in coconut shrims.

Making homemade power balls 5 - lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

This is it – bon appetit!

Homemade power balls taste best after few hours in the fridge.

Homemade power balls - lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com
Homemade power balls 2 - lilmissboho.com
Photo: Marta, lilmissboho.com

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